Membership Invitation

The Bolsheviks Party of South Africa (BPSA) is inviting all people of high integrity, high moral values, people of high value based leadership to join this organisation and contribute their ideas, resources and wisdom to heal our nation from the evils of corruption, nepotism and political injustice, and build a strong egalitarian society.


A society in which equal access to resources shall be the order of the day. A society in which decision-making is done by consensus, where decision-making is not done hierarchically with only one group of individuals making choices that will affect the entire nation as it is the case under the Current leading Party government. Under an egalitarian system of governance, the BPSA is envisioning a situation where members of the society shall be independent politically and otherwise, people shall be self-reliant because power would have been transferred into their hands. The society shall be crime free because all people shall be working. South Africa is a rich therefore it is totally unacceptable that after 25 years of our Constitutional democracy we are still having this huge gap between the haves and the have-nots.


Social inequality is deliberately and carefully maintained by the ruling class in this country. This is a clarion call to all members and supporters of this glorious organisation as an agent for change, to go out there and free the poorest of the poor masses from being made political children and political slaves by the ruling party. We must raise political awareness in our communities, in our institutions of higher learning etc. "Aluta Continua"BPSA is the answer.